What Keeps You Up at Night: An Industry Study

Hope you are well and safe.  A few months ago, Interior Matter sent a survey to thought leaders in DC real estate, interior design, architecture, journalism, leadership training, and furniture sales to understand our collective future.  We’ve been through many setbacks together, but this one feels different as it has the potential to change how all of us design, develop and generally interact with real estate and public spaces.  Thank you for answering our request - below are the survey results.  Perhaps this industry report will be useful in your near-term business decisions and plans for the future.

"I'm optimistic about the future of our field in the DC area."

- Interior Designer

Similar to the 2008 recession, you believe DC is a unique market and we will not experience as deep a recession as the rest of the country.

"Vendors and clients alike are all a bit more patient and understanding that we are juggling different priorities and trying to find our way. My hope is that we all carry this level of understanding and empathy with us as we operate in our post-COVID world."

- Interior Designer

You expect your business to recover to pre-pandemic levels by:

"We'll adjust our business model going forward as we best serve our client base, interior designers, architects and landscape architects in the mid-Atlantic region.  There may be more virtual presentations, etc; but at a certain point, end-users have always swung back around to wanting to touch / feel / sit before committing to a purchase, and we will be there for you, and them. "

- Showroom Representative

How do you see your business-to-business and business-to-consumer interactions changing post-Covid19?

Below is a word cloud based on the comments fields in the survey.  If you are unfamiliar with word clouds, then the boldness and size of the words represent how frequently those words and concepts were mentioned.  Optimism, innovation, and kindness were most frequently used.  Isn't that encouraging during this time in our history?

We thank you again for your participation in this industry survey.  Please forward to friends and colleagues who may find it helpful.  We wish you and your families good health and wellbeing.  We hope to see you [in person] soon.

Jason + Sarita
Interior Matter

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