We've put the new in newsletter! Jason Claire and Sarita Simpson, formerly of Vastu in Washington, DC, formed the design firm Interior Matter in January 2019. We hit the ground running and in the last few months we traveled from High Point, NC to New York, NY for two of the major interior design shows this season. We saw some interesting design trends we wanted to share with you in our first newsletter. And, our new website just launched so please have a look.
Turns out that the end of the Bronze Age in 1200 BC may have just been reversed. We thought Adam Rippon leading the 2018 USA Olympic figure skating team to a bronze medal was the best bronze ever! But then we noticed dark and oil-rubbed bronze accents all over the place at trade shows in NY and NC. Maybe @adaripp influenced designers EVERYWHERE... I mean, he has over 896,000 Instagram followers and just came out with a book called “Beautiful on the Outside”! Bronze has appeared in lighting, table accents, shelving, sofa legs, and nail heads. So, we're declaring that rose gold is out and bronze is in. Should we expect an iPhone bronze finish soon?
For a moment we thought we were in an episode of Blue Planet II (on Netflix – we highly recommend it!) on a deep dive to the ocean floor. Or perhaps we were window shopping at the jewelry shops in Geneva. Rich and selective jewel tones are in – different than the 1990s we assure you. Mustard yellow, coral and rust, and deep blues and greens add bold color to textiles, wall treatments, floor coverings, and lighting. Used strategically and thoughtfully, this color palette works well with warm grays and other neutrals. It can take a professional to carefully mix in some concentrated color into your living environment, so don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Apparently, the world is distressed! When it comes to mirrored surfaces and furnishings, if it ain’t spotted, streaked, speckled or gilded we don’t want it. We're happy to see increasingly unclear reflections of our faces. It makes us not worry about skipping that last Botox session. The dark, tarnished speckles of these mirrors form beautiful abstract patterns ranging from soft and delicate to bold and edgy. [Fun fact - in authentic antique mirrors this effect is caused by the reflective silver, mercury, or tin coating on the back of the glass oxidizing over time]. The unique mirror finishing techniques of today mimic the look of old antiqued mirrors with characteristics more commonly attributed to natural stone superstars like marble and quartzite. 


We’ve seen the reach of this trend from walls and tiles to tabletops and trays. You name it and we can pretty much guarantee someone has covered it with antiqued and distressed mirror (and we’re okay with that).


Artisanal isn’t just for cheese, pickles, beer, coffee, and chocolate.... continuing the trend seen now for the past couple of years is the emphasis on hand-textured finishes on furniture, accessories, and wallcoverings.


Here we are in 2019 and texture is still going strong dominating the furnishings and décor trends with no hints of a slowdown anytime soon. Sorry paisley, plaid, floral and friends – it turns that out it’s not the size of the pattern that matters; it's the motion of the hand.


And, much to our joy, we’ve confirmed that texture has a new beau – gorgeous, unique artisan finishes - and it’s getting serious between them (word on the street is that they’ve already started interviewing surrogates). We see this trend as a spin-off of the larger “maker movement” that has become increasingly more popular over the last ten years (thank you Etsy) and we’ve always been big fans, even before it was mainstream. It’s no secret that as designers we are drawn to beautifully crafted and unique furnishings and decorative objects made with an artist or craftsperson’s touch; and needless to say, we’ve never been fans of the mass-produced, big box furniture and décor that is currently saturating the market.


Apparently, a lamp cord coming from the bottom of a lamp is très gauche. Just like French toast and French fries, we now have French corded lamps. It makes sense! When you have a gorgeous glass lamp or open-designed base, who wants to see a brown or black electrical cord coming down the middle of it? French cords typically come from where the bulb is located and are often braided, covered in silk or cotton, or are clear. The cord itself becomes part of the design instead of just a practical necessity. 


Head out to buy a crispy yet light baguette, some French butter, a café crème, and sit and read The Little Prince by the light of your French corded lamp.


This guest house and home office project started in October 2018 and is almost ready for occupancy. We took 1100 square feet over a garage and created a cozy guest bedroom, full bathroom, kitchen, entertainment space, and office space for two. The feature wall along the staircase is clad with a shou sugi ban which is Japanese charred wood, and it will feature roughly 40 pieces of original art collected from around the world. Lighting for the wall is a continuous, recessed LED track from Viabizzuno. Also featured is a custom “vine” LED fixture from Matter in NY which spans 13’ from the ceiling of the second floor to the foyer downstairs. There will be a French antique standing desk for one client and an Italian vintage modern desk for the other client. These will sit on 12” wide white oak plank flooring from Vermont.


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